Jul 26, 2018

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Paying for Cars that are Duds, Find a Lemon Law Attorney to Help

Paying for Cars that are Duds, Find a Lemon Law Attorney to Help

While most people would never search for cars that had the same issue over and over again, many times, it is unavoidable. You buy a new car and get excited as you drive it off the lot, but continuously have problems with it. Lemons, as these cars are called, don’t live up to warranties that claim the vehicle to be defect-free. You have the right to buy a reliable vehicle for daily needs. While each state has different laws, you can easily find out what your state requires and ensure that it gets done. While Lemon Law attorneys aren’t necessary, they can help you get all the information together and may help you get a better resolution than you can do yourself.

Dealerships Know the Laws Too

The biggest issue that most people have is that the dealership and manufacturer also know about the laws in your state and can easily look them up if they aren’t familiar. Therefore, they hope that you don’t look into the rules and regulations or that you don’t know what restitution is allowed under the law. That way, they can give you less than what you are entitled to have, ensuring that they still make some profit on your misfortune.

Particular Rules

Lawyers know that each state has various rules that must be followed and that you have to give the manufacturer time to make repairs. Along with such, some states require that you pay an application fee to claim that your vehicle is a lemon. If you’re unfamiliar with all the statutes, you can easily miss a step.

Do you think you’re stuck paying for a car that doesn’t work correctly and never has? You might be protected under the lemon law for cars. Visit Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center ® for a free consultation today.

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