Aug 13, 2014

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Paying an Auto Accident Attorney in Houston Texas on a Contingency Basis

By definition, a contingency lawyer works on a contingent fee structure, which means that the attorney keeps a percentage of the net recovery (ranging from 5-50%). In cases where the plaintiff does not prevail, the lawyer receives no payment. Read on for additional information on contingency lawyers and their fees.

How much does a Contingency Lawyer Usually Charge?

A contingency Auto Accident Attorney Houston TX has the option to create different fee structures. For instance, he or she can charge 25% if the case settles out of court, and 35% if the plaintiff wins at trial. Fees can be as high as 45% if the case goes to appeals court, where the lawyer must put in significantly more work to arrive at a decision.

Factors Determining the Percentage Charged by a Contingency Attorney

Several factors help to determine a lawyer’s contingency fees, such as:

*   Labor and time invested
*   Nature of legal issues
  Results of the lawyer’s efforts
*   The lawyer/client relationship
*   Limitations imposed by the case or the client
*   The lawyer’s reputation and skill

Which Lawyers Typically Work on a Contingency Basis?

Contingency lawyers are commonly found in the personal injury field, because plaintiffs are typically lower-income and cannot afford to keep an Auto Accident Attorney Houston TX on retainer. These attorneys sometimes work in employment law and debt collections, and just as in personal injury cases, they help those who may otherwise not be able to afford legal representation.

When can a Lawyer Not Work on a Contingency Fee?

If the case can be easily won, the Auto Accident Attorney Houston TX should be able to give a reasonable estimate of hourly fees. Professional ethics do not allow attorneys to accept contingency fees in criminal or family law cases, because acceptance would be seen as condoning crime and divorce. A contingency attorney cannot represent a defendant.

Changing Attorneys

It is possible to change attorneys if the current lawyer is working on a contingency basis, but the client will still be liable for payments to the current counsel. The only time this does not apply is if the Auto Accident Attorney Houston TX has done no work on the case.

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