Feb 8, 2013

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Paving the Way for Environmental Protection in Texas

Texans have many things of which to be proud – big sky, handsome cowboys and beautiful cowgirls, Shiner, killer bar-be-que, bluebonnets, and a fierce, independent spirit. In recent years, they also can boast of their care for the environment thanks to the Austin Energy Green Building Program (AEGB), which encourages the building of environmentally friendly businesses and green homes in Austin. The Green Building Program has been in existence since 1990, when Austin instituted the first such program in the nation. Twenty-three years later, many similar programs have been created, but Austin’s remains one of the most effective in existence. Over half of the world’s energy use and carbon dioxide emissions come from building activity. By building green homes in Austin, Texans are saving water, energy, and other precious resources and reducing pollution and greenhouse gases.

The program has developed its own unique rating system, which allows builders and home owners to determine the building’s level of environmental friendliness. The rating system is specifically designed for use in Austin’s hot, dry climate. Builders of single-family green homes in Austin have to attend an AEGB Single-family Orientation, which is offered every month. The AEGB also rates homes in 25 other counties that have a similar climate to Travis County.  Using an online tool, builders of green homes in Austin can get a rating for their building, track the advancement of the building process, and develop case studies, all for several projects at once.

During the building process, experts at the Austin Energy Green Building Program can help increase the environmental friendliness of a building project. Services include defining sustainability goals, providing marketing information, and educating builders about green procedures and materials. Once a house is already built, the AEGB rates green homes in Austin on a scale of one to five stars, with five being the best score a home could get. There are a number of factors that boost a house’s rating. Members of the AEBG examine whether building material was recycled or made locally, requiring less shipping. They look to see if rainwater is harvested and if energy-efficient faucets, pipes, and sprinklers are used. They also check whether building materials had any added chemicals and whether carbon dioxide levels are monitored.

Thanks to the efforts of the Austin Energy Green Building Program, many Texans are now the proud owners of beautiful green homes in Austin. If more cities and counties begin to follow their lead, the stars at night will be big and bright in Texas for many generations to come.

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