Jan 5, 2016

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Paving Services In Charleston IL Is More Than Asphalt And Concrete

Paving Services In Charleston IL Is More Than Asphalt And Concrete

When you want a unique look or a home has a unique look, asphalt or concrete just won’t offer the same solution for Paving Services in Charleston IL. A landscaping company can provide hardscape services that will far outlast concrete or asphalt on any project. Sidewalks, driveways, and patios can all benefit from the use of a functional hardscaping that is available. The sidewalk to a home or business should be elegant and well structured. A beautiful lawn and landscaping will be further enhanced with a properly installed sidewalk made of beautiful stone or hardscaping materials.

Years ago, the best patio that could be installed was with cement pavers. Over time, these usually cracked or lifted from their original position. Retaining walls were made of railroad ties or wood that would rot over time. Paving Services in Charleston IL offers stone veneer sidewalks, patios,and driveways that are sure to wow the homeowner and guests that come to the home. The stone driveway or walkway will last a great deal longer than installing concrete or asphalt. It also requires little to no maintenance. Beautiful stone patios can be extended to retaining walls made of the same or similar stone. This stone will not rot or crack. Paving with these types of stones offers various colors and textures to a lush green lawn and beautiful landscaping around a home or business.

A landscaping company has more to offer than just designing flower gardens, installing shrubbery and keeping a lawn looking great. They offer superb paving services using hardscaping that will last a lifetime. They can design patios, fire pits, driveways, and walkways. This type of paving can dramatically increase the value of a home and the curb appeal it offers. During the winter months, cleaning the snow from this type of paving is just as easy as any other type of hard surface.

Beurskens Lawn Care & Landscaping has been in business for many years offering landscaping, paving and outdoor design ideas that are sure to please everyone in the home. Their custom designed plans are tailored to the needs of the owner. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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