May 28, 2014

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Party With a Purpose

We have seen the natural hair phenomenon spread like wild fire. With that being the case, there are more and more haircare products that are marketed to African American women with natural hair. We have also seen where women are getting together to exchange products that no longer work for their hair type or never worked for their hair type. This can be a lot of fun because at least now, someone can benefit from the product and you won’t feel as though you’ve wasted your money. This type of party is known as a ‘swap’ party. The same can be done when it comes to certain cosmetics but perhaps with a slight twist, on used products. Women of color find it very challenging to find colors that complement their skin and when they do, they want to tell other women about them. Well, this can be done when you have a makeup ‘swap’ party. As the host, if you’ve come across a line of makeup that works well for your skin tone and want to share what you’ve found with others, you may consider a ‘swap’ party using makeup instead of haircare products.

How to Create a Makeup ‘Swap’ Party

As the host, you may try to find out if the makeup you want to feature is offered from a cosmetics wholesaler. This will allow you to purchase some product ahead of time and allow the women to try it out. If any of the women invited have a makeup line that they would also like to showcase, perhaps you could also suggest they purchase a few samples or some actual makeup from a cosmetics wholesaler. So while you may not be exchanging makeup, the women may choose to swap out their existing makeup for something more suited for their skin tone and type. You may even create a swag bag with samples of the makeup inside. This will allow the women to try out the products in the comfort of their own home. Another good way to show off the makeup line, you’ve fallen in love with, is to have a professional makeup artist at the party to apply makeup to the women. Those who are interested in finding a makeup line that will work for them, will be happy to assist. You have just created a party with a purpose. The purpose was to help women of color find makeup that would be suitable for their skin color and skin type, which is often hard to do.

If you want to have a party where women of color can experiment with color, purchase makeup from a cosmetics wholesaler, such as, Sacha Cosmetics.

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