Jul 21, 2015

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Party Hire to Make Your Big Party Worth Remembering

Party Hire to Make Your Big Party Worth Remembering

Is a birthday or engagement fast approaching? If so, you will likely want to make it an affair to remember, and what better way to do this than by working with a party hire specialist? Someone who specialises in organizing events and renting out equipment will have the right connections and tools to make the celebration as momentous as possible. Stress levels are sure to lower when you let someone else take the reins, because the people working for an event hire company will know how to make a theme flow and will understand what equipment will fit your party needs.

Hiring Party Equipment

A party without specialist equipment is unlikely to be a huge success, so consider investing a little bit more when working with an event hire company if you want to impress guests. Lighting is a necessity, because it will set the mood. A reliable event equipment hire company will rent out strobe lighting, LED lighting and laser lighting. If you plan on getting guests on their feet with good music, don’t ignore the importance of paying for audio equipment, such as speakers and microphones. Carpeting or flooring will add the finishing touches to your venue, whether you opt for a function room or marquee.

Choosing a Venue

When you know exactly what equipment you want to hire for your next event, think about what venue the equipment will be set up in. The location should be accessible for wheelchair users and there should be plenty of parking nearby. Some of the most common venue types for parties include marquees and function rooms. A more portable option is a marquee, which can be constructed and removed with ease. Before renting a marquee, make sure the flooring, roofs and electrics meet health and safety standards. Pay some thought to extras, the number of guests and extra space requirements before choosing the venue size.

Health and Safety Concerns

As the event organizer, you will be responsible for any accidents and injuries that occur during the affair. With that being said, it’s imperative that you read up on certain health and safety rules and regulations to ensure you don’t find yourself in a sticky situation. Check the ground conditions, communication procedures and overhead hazards before paying for anything.

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