Mar 14, 2019

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Part Kitting Services – The Process and Benefits

Part Kitting Services – The Process and Benefits

The service called kitting is often performed by a third party company on behalf of a particular business. This service involves bringing together various product parts and compiling those parts into a kit, which is then transferred to a production location that carries out the assembly work. Companies that specialize in providing part kitting services can perform these tasks with efficiency, accuracy, and speed. Some of the tasks involve inventory accuracy, order pulling, and warehouse and inventory management.

The Process Handled by a Third Party Provider
Various steps comprise the kitting process. Some of these steps are highly labor-intensive and can result in human error if proper care and attention to details are not observed. Easy to commit errors such as selecting the wrong part due to similarity in part numbers is just one example. Any type of mistake can delay production and impose added expenses upon the business. By handing off this work to an experienced kitting operations company you can save time and potential hassles due to the complexity involved in carrying out these operations in-house among your own staff.

Custom Kitting Benefits
A manufacturer that attempts to carry out part kitting may lose unnecessary time and productivity they can best be used on other business endeavors. A third-party kitting services company can complete all of these complex tasks on your behalf and also ensure that parts are not lost in the process.

Other benefits provided through these third-party services include minimizing purchase orders, reducing cycles of production, minimizing administration costs, reducing the number of shipping mistakes, improving packaging, faster assembly, and greater efficiency in the use of space. Increased efficiency and competitiveness are the overall benefits to be achieved through the use of part kitting services from a third-party provider.

An Accurate and Efficient Solution
If you are in need of a solution for the assembly of product parts in your business, an experienced third-party company specializing in kitting services can help you obtain this solution. With a third-party kitting company working on your behalf, you can improve your warehouse operations with regard to logistics, inventory management and fulfillment, while saving time in the process.

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