Feb 12, 2014

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Parking Lot Repair and Maintenance in Columbus Doubles the Life of the Pavement

Installing a parking lot is a major expense for a business owner. However, it’s necessary to allow convenient and safe access to their business. Customers often look at the appearance of a building and parking lot when they decide where to shop. A well-groomed parking area is good for business. Once the parking lot is installed, the owner must turn their attention to parking lot repair and maintenance in Columbus. Paved areas that are maintained properly last twice as long as those that aren’t. A paving contractor should inspect the pavement at least every two years.

If a property owner notices that the pavement is turning gray, this means that it is oxidizing or drying out. It’s the pavement equivalent of rusting. The owner needs to contact Hills Blacktop, Inc. as soon as possible to apply a layer of seal coating. That material will bind with the pavement and rejuvenate it. If the owner fails to call a pavement contractor then the pavement will continue to oxidize. Cracks will form and allow rain, snow and ice to seep down into the pavement. During cold weather the water expands as it freezes. In the warm weather it melts and contracts. This change in size wreaks havoc with the asphalt. Soon large chunks of pavement will break up and potholes will form.

Not only are potholes unattractive, they can cause accidents that lead to damaged cars and injured people. The property owner may have to pay the car repair bills or medical bills or face a costly lawsuit. When cracks appear a professional should be called in to fix them. They have the proper hot rubberized filler that can fill them. Sometimes a property owner goes to the hardware store and buys some do-it-yourself pavement filler. While these may work in private driveways in warm climates, they usually fail in busy parking lots in a cold climate. The materials in them aren’t flexible enough to respond to the large changes in temperature and a new crack forms around it. Professional paving contractors understand how materials respond under specific temperatures and traffic patterns, they can select the optimum parking lot repair and maintenance in Columbus schedule that work best for each site.

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