Dec 21, 2018

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Pallets in Dallas Come in Many Styles

Pallets are structures used for transport. They are designed to be stacked with goods and carried by a front loader, work saver, pallet jack, forklift, or some other jacking tool. They are oftentimes confused with skids. Skids are similar but have no bottom boards. Pallets have top and bottom deck boards. Typically, goods are stacked on the structure. They are then secured by shrink wrap, stretch wrap, or straps.

The structure was first invented in the early twentieth century. In that time, it has largely replaced all of its predecessors. Before, goods were carried using wooden boxes or barrels. These were inferior because they limit the size and shape of what can be shipped. Most of them are made from wood, but some made of recycled materials, paper, plastic, or metal. There are advantages and disadvantages to all of these different materials.


Softwoods are the cheapest materials. They are typically considered expendable, so they are sometimes discarded with the materials used to wrap the entire structure. Hardwoods are not quite as expendable, so they are sometimes returned or resold. They can be lifted from four sides as opposed to only two sides. They are color-coded to indicate how much weight they can bear and some other features.

Wooden structures can be used for many different things: general use, food and drugs, chemicals, international shipping, storage and others. They are also available in recycled wood, hardwood, softwood, kiln dried wood, or some combination. They can also be held together with staples or nails.


Paper is considered to be more environmentally-friendly. They are often employed when the loads are fairly light. However, improved construction means that some are comparable with wood. Paper pallets also can be useful when it is important to recycle the device or to dispose of it easily. Some of the newest structures are made of two pieces of paper without staples or glue. They typically weigh around ten pounds. That means they can be shipped for much less money than a comparable strength wooden structure.


Typically, plastic structures are made from new HDPE plastic or from recycled PET. PET is the plastic used in drink bottles. They are considered some of the most durable structures. They do not corrode or degrade as easily as wood. They resist chemicals, rotting, and weathering. HDPE is actually unaffected by many acids. Toxic chemicals can be easily cleaned. However, they can be susceptible to plastic creep when used for long-term storage. Also, they are very expensive. Some cost ten times more than comparable hardwood. They are stackable, durable, and lightweight. So they save money in those ways.

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