Jul 6, 2018

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Paint Rollers for a Smooth Finish

Paint Rollers for a Smooth Finish

The invention of paint rollers in the 1940s changed the way people paint large surfaces. Surfaces that normally took days to paint were cut down to mere hours.

Paint rollers are typically used to paint large, flat surfaces. A paint roller can cover a large area in significantly less time than using a standard paintbrush. Selecting a paint roller and roller cover depends on the type of paint and the surface to be painted.

Rollers with roller covers are available in different fabric types such as smooth, natural or blend and different fiber lengths.

To find paint rollers for a smooth finish select a roller cover with a 3/8 to 1/2 inch nap. This will produce a nice smooth, professional finish.

If you are using a latex based paint, select a synthetic roller cover such as nylon or polyester. Do not use a natural cover with latex paint because the fibers can swell causing them to become matted.

Oil-based paints work well with natural fibers and natural covers.

Blended covers such as polyester and wool blend can be used with all kinds of paints.

The pile depth is the thickness of the fiber nap. Generally, the thicker the roller nap, the more texture the paint will have when rolled on the surface. For a professional finish select a roller with a low nap with fine hairs. Also, select a roller that will return to its normal shape after being squeezed.

It is easier to get a smooth finish with a flat-based paint than with gloss paint. Glossy paints catch the light which shows every speck of dust or poorly taped drywall seams. Flat-based paints do not reflect light.

Knowing which paint rollers to use for a smooth finish is essential for a paint job to look professional.

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