Nov 3, 2015

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Packaging for success with label inspection systems

Packaging for success with label inspection systems

When you are in the packaging business, you will need to ensure that your labels are uniform in appearance with no inaccuracies in the text. This guarantees a professional result for your customers who will be scrutinizing the labels prior to purchasing. One of the ways in which it is possible to guarantee accuracy with packaging is by making use of label inspection systems. These systems allow the user to have confidence knowing each label has been carefully inspected and is completely free of defects or inaccuracies.

Label Printing Accuracy

When printing labels for the pharmaceutical industry or any other industry, it is essential that the labels be accurate. Two ways to go about doing so is by manual inspection or computerized inspection. Manual inspection is subject to higher rates of error and is a more time consuming process. Computerized inspection tends to be more accurate, takes less time, and is a much more cost effective and convenient option. When choosing a label inspection system, it helps to select one that can provide the exact results your are looking for.


A label inspection system provides three main purposes when it comes to labels. The system can detect whether the label is present or not, it can determine whether a label needs to be flagged for inaccuracies and it can read the print on each label to ensure they are uniform. With this advanced equipment, business owners are assured of consistent label printing and improved business operations.

High Res Cameras

It is a fact that labels are small and the print on them is even smaller. For this reason it helps to select a system that makes use of high res cameras for increased accuracy. A high resolution camera can pick up defects on even the smallest labels with the most minimal fonts. Choosing a system that has high resolution cameras will ensure the best possible results for your proofreading needs.

For anyone in the packaging industry or who produces items which require labeling, a label inspection system is a major asset. It can save time and ensure accuracy across all labels. You can easily ensure the success of your packaging venture by enlisting the help of an accurate and efficient label inspection system.

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