May 7, 2013

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Oxygen Botanicals Help Older Woman Maintain Great Looking Skin

There’s nothing quite like looking in the mirror and realizing you look old. Luckily skin care has improved so that you can put off that day for a long, long time. Having great looking skin even after you’ve entered the second half of your life doesn’t mean you have to be like so many famous actresses and spend a fortune on plastic surgery. You simply need to make sure you have plenty of oxygen botanicals and great skin care products in your bathroom.

Having oxygen botanicals in your bathroom won’t automatically mean you develop great looking skin, you also need to know how to use them.

Now that you’re older, you’ve most likely noticed that your skin has started to change. Issues you might have had in the past with dry or oily skin might have completely changed and now you find yourself fighting the opposite problem. Make sure you purchase beauty products for the type of skin you have right now. If you’re not sure, consult with a dermatologist.

Now that you’re older you should make a facial a part of your weekly routine. Even if you can’t get to the beauty parlor every week, you should give yourself one. In addition to keeping your skin healthy and supple, the regular massages with oxygen botanicals will help your lymph nodes drain, while also helping lower your blood pressure, decreasing the odds of your having a stroke or heart attack. The higher your blood pressure, the more frequently you should get a massage.

Every single time you wash your face, make sure you apply plenty of moisturizer, and make sure it’s a good quality moisturizer. This keeps you skin from becoming lined or sagging. Using a tinted moisturizer will help restore the glow you enjoyed in your younger days. In addition to covering your entire face with facial lotion, you should add extra to the problem areas, especially in the corners of your eyes, nose, and mouth. Make sure that you use a facial lotion which will contain the nutrients your skin craves. Apply the moisturizer at least twice a day, more if your skin feels tight. During the winter you should anticipate needing more lotion, especially if you use a forced air heater.

Even if you’re w says that it contain sunscreen you will want to make sure you apply actual sunscreen whenever you go outside and that you reapply it every few hours.

Get plenty of sleep. When you’re older not sleeping enough will make your face look puffy in places and drawn in other areas. Using heavy makeup makes the problem worse. Getting several hours of sleep each night, combined with drinking plenty of water and using oxygen botanicals will make it seem like you’ve found the fountain of youth.

When it comes to providing women with oxygen botanicals products that keep their skin looking great as well as keeping it soft and health, Skin L.A. is the best option.

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