May 18, 2015

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Overview of Bail Bond Attorney Service

Overview of Bail Bond Attorney Service

Bail bonds are written promises that a defendant will be present for all court dates regarding their case. This agreement is done between the defendant and a bail bond agent. The amount of a bond is determined by a monetary bail amount that is set by a judge or magistrate. This happens after the arrest and booking process is complete. Bail bond agents are most often available 24 hours a day. Here is an overview of Bail Bond Attorney Service.

When someone is arrested they can contact a bail bonding company so they make arrangements to pay a bond. Sometimes a family member or friend will initiate the bail bond process for that person. A bail bond may also be obtained by the persons attorney. They will often contact the bail bond agent on behalf of their client. This is known as a Bail Bond Attorney referral. This is sometimes exclusive to only those who keep a family attorney retained.

Faroy Bail Bonds will make the process as easy as they can for anyone. The agent is concerned with the reputation of everyone involved. They make themselves available seven days a week to provide the bail bond service. They can provide bond services anytime of the day or night. They are able to arrange for small or larger bonds. Attorney referrals must be pre-screened on bonds in the amount of one million dollars.

Being arrested is often a confusing process for someone that has never been to jail. The entire process is scary. It is a complete disruption to your life and creates a great deal of stress. Not everyone who is arrested is guilty of a crime. Regardless of whether one is guilty or innocent there is almost always a bond to pay. On non-violent crimes, a local individual may possibly be eligible for an OR bond, or own recognizance. An attorney can help you with this.

Having an attorney set up the agreement for your bond will make it easier on you. Your confinement hinders your ability to make multiple phone calls. That is why it’s best to have your attorney contact the bail bond agent. Your attorney can also consult with the court on a possible bond reduction for you. They can communicate with the bonding company to ensure they have the latest information about your bond. Contact a local bail bond agent for more information.

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