Overcome Addiction Safely and Effectively with Medical Detox

If you or a loved one are suffering from drug addiction, you may be wondering about different methods of drug rehab in Texas. While there are many different ways to treat addiction, one of the safest and most effective is medical detox. Detox is short of detoxification, and the process involves ridding the body of all the harmful chemicals and products that stay in the body as a result of drug abuse. However, as you probably know, stopping drug can cause serious withdrawal. Using medical detox as part of drug rehab in Texas can ease these symptoms and create a better chance of recovery without relapse. After detox, a person can either go to a full rehab program or return to a normal life, perhaps receiving treatment on an outpatient basis. Addiction is a highly personal thing, so this will depend on the individual and his or her situation.

Medical detox is often a necessary procedure because of the chemical changes that drugs cause in the body. Your body naturally produces certain chemicals and reactions; however, drugs can often produce an excess of these chemicals or reactions, meaning that your body stops producing enough of them on it’s own. Once a person stops taking drugs, the body is unable to continue its natural functions. Drugs also affect a person’s mood, thinking, and behavior. Over time, an addict does not feel “normal” unless he or she has some drugs in their system. When they are deprived of drugs, they begin to have symptoms of withdrawal, including feeling sick, feeling physical pain, or becoming extremely distraught. Withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to deadly, depending on the degree of addiction.

To make this process easier a good program for drug rehab in Texas will have a medical detox program, which guides the patient in giving up drugs and provides medical assistance for withdrawal symptoms. In fact, the federal government reports that 95% of drug addicts who suddenly try to stop on their own without any help from others will have a permanent relapse. Detox programs are customized for each person to suit their health, DNA, and metabolism. It provides counseling, medication, and diet to help in the process. Medical detox is available for both in-patient and out patient treatment. In-patient treatment is usually preferred, however, since patients receive 24-hour supervision, frequent visits from doctors, and continual compassionate care. In-patient treatment is also much faster, with the withdrawal process usually only lasting six to fourteen days.

For all these reasons, if you or a loved one are seeking help for addiction, choose drug rehab in Texas that provides careful, individualized medical detox programs.

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