Other Things Besides Carpet That CDA (Coeur D’Alene) Carpet Cleaners Clean

A city in Idaho has a lovely little French name; Coeur D’Alene. It is the sister city of Spokane, Washington, which is just a few minutes’ drive to the West. Here, residents refer to Coeur D’Alene simply as CDA. Even services providing carpet cleaning by professional carpet refer to the city as CDA. More than anything else, you should know that carpet cleaning services here clean more than just carpet. Here are several other things these companies clean for their CDA customers.


Carpet cleaning from carpet cleaners in CDA is just the basic service provided. Some of these businesses also clean upholstery, which is a major relief if you have a dinner party and everyone has spilled food and drink everywhere. The upholstery cleaning is priced per piece of furniture, such as a loveseat or sofa for “x” amount of dollars. If you have a lot of upholstery that needs cleaning (with or without carpet cleaning included), you will find it most convenient to hire a company that cleans all of the above.

High Traffic Areas and One-Time Moving Cleanings

Nothing is quite as much of an eyesore as those high traffic areas. Now that it is spring, your high traffic areas are going to be covered in mud and other dirt particles. Carpets are blackened quickly, and they look as though they cannot be rescued. Likewise, moving in or out of an apartment is common this time of year, but not before you have thoroughly cleaned the carpets.

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