Jul 9, 2013

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Oronoco MN Company Offers Junk Car and Scrap Metal Recycling

Nothing creates an eyesore like junk cars parked on the street or in a yard. Cars on blocks, without engines, trunk lids open, and broken windows are not only unsightly, they are dangerous. We have all heard tragic stories about children who have accidentally locked themselves in trunks and abandoned cars. In many towns and cities it is illegal to leave unlicensed or disabled cars parked on the street. If you have a car or cars that aren’t in running condition and you want them removed from your property, call Watson Recycling who offers Junk Car Recycling in Oronoco MN. They will haul away your junk car see that it is properly recycled.

In addition to junk cars, this company also specializes in recycling metals. They will take ferrous and non-ferrous metal. If you are not familiar with these terms, ferrous refers to a metal that is magnetic. This includes tin, large appliances, scrap from mills and manufacturing plants, cast iron, and junk cars. Non-ferrous metals are non-magnetic. Copper, stainless steel, catalytic converters, lead, aluminum cans, car batteries, and E scrap are all non-ferrous metal. You can make extra cash by bringing these materials into the recycling center. Your items will be weighed on digital scales that accurately determine how much the scrap is worth. You walk out with extra cash in your pocket and satisfied that you have done something to help protect the environment.

Recycling is not the only service provided by this family owned business. They offer roll off container service for residential and commercial customers. If you are doing some home renovations or cleaning out your basement, garage, or attic an 8 or 10 yard capacity container is the perfect size for the job. Larger containers from 20 to 40 yard capacity are available for construction sites. The recycling company will deliver the roll off container to your home or job site and haul it away when full. Containers can be placed permanently at manufacturing plants and scrap metal processing sites.

Recycling is an environmentally friendly way to dispose of unwanted material and process it for reuse. This helps to save on natural resources and cuts down on the amount of garbage that is taken to landfills. If you are looking for junk car recycling in Oronoco MN or have metal you want to scrap for cash, this company can take care of all your recycling needs.


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