Sep 9, 2014

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Orlando Presents Numerous Attractions and Opportunities for Property Investment

Orlando is comprised of a total area of 110.7 square miles, of which 102.3 of those are dedicated to land and 8.3 covered with water. The population of 2,025,729 consists of 753,020 households in which 57.6% are Whites, 28.1% African Americans, 3.8% Asian Americans, and 10.5% other races. More than three-quarters of residents in Orlando primary speak English with Spanish following in the less than the 20th percentile rank. There are a few nicknames used to reference the beautiful place, and they include The City Beautiful, Theme Park Capital of the World, and O-Town. Orlando is famed for being the headquarters for several engineering firms and Darden Restaurants as well.

While You’re Out

Whether you are a resident of Orlando or are only visiting, there is always a sight to be seen or an attraction to be enjoyed. One of the most popular is the numerous adventures offered by the theme parks of Orlando which include Magic Kingdom Park, SeaWorld Orlando, Screamin’ Gator Zip Line at Gatorland, and the list goes on. When in search of something a bit less mind-blowing, visit the Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens, Orlando Gran Prix, or the Wild Florida Airboats & Wildlife Park. All of these events and attractions provide entertainment for days, and the lists continue to expand as residents and tourists continue to grow as well. These area attractions are an essential part of the Orlando city life with such a large population.

The Numbers Story

The Per Capita Income of Orlando is $26,802 compared to the U.S. residential average of $27,466, while the average household income is $51,813 for Orlando compared to other U.S. residential average of $52,175. Homes in Orlando have an average value of $240,500 with 33.6% of all houses having a value of at least $300,000. The rental vacancy rate there is 11%, and there are 33% renters in Orlando compared to $52,175 for all U.S. Residents. In 2014, the average monthly rent amount was $867 for single-family homes and $756 for a single bedroom apartment. Also, 21% of residents pay 30% or greater of their annual income in rent, while 2013 showed that 33% of the residents were renters compared to 36.98% of renters across the U.S. The rate of growth for the city of Orlando is in direct response to the high tourist demand and city of choice for retirees.

Orlando is a beautiful city with lots of extra excitement and things for everyone to do. Real Property Management South Orlando appreciates busy city life. Click here to know about the important rental and community statistic facts Property Investors want to know.

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