Jun 29, 2012

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Organizing your Tennis Memorabilia Collection

Collecting tennis memorabilia is popular among tennis fans. There is a wide array of tennis memorabilia available for fans to add to their collections. Autographed tennis balls from a specific match, an autographed photo of your favorite tennis player and other autographed equipment shows the world your love of the game and makes a fun conversation starter.


As you are building your collection of tennis memorabilia, it is important to keep it protected for years of enjoyment. The first step is to decide which merchandise you want to have displayed. Display cases are often used to display sports memorabilia, while protecting it from the sun. Autographed photographs, programs and other paper items should be kept in acid free photo boxes and albums.


Keep an accurate inventory as your collection grows, so you know exactly what you have and where it is stored. Make a master inventory list with everything in your collection and take photographs of every piece of tennis memorabilia in your collection. Keep the photographs in a safe place, in the event they are needed for insurance purposes.


As you are building your collection, it is important to keep track of all certificates of authenticity for tennis memorabilia. If you are hoping to sell your collection at some time in the future or if you ever give away any of the items or will the entire collection to your kids, you will need the authentication information. Have a system for filing it away in a safe place, so no important paperwork is lost.


When you have taken the time to inventory your tennis memorabilia collection and take photographs of each piece, you need to store the records in a safe place. Some people use a fire proof box in their homes for all important paperwork. Others prefer to store some records offsite to keep the records protected in the event of a fire or natural disaster. A safe deposit box is a good investment for this purpose. Creating a back up CD with your inventory list and photographs is never a bad idea.


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