Feb 9, 2015

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Organizing Tips For A Walk Through Trade Show Booth Display

Besides having a great looking trade show booth display it is also important to carefully consider how you are going to get traffic moving through the booth if you are featuring various products and services.
The great news is that you can strategically set up a trade show booth display that is informative, interactive and also designed with traffic flow in mind. By choosing the right size of display and the placing each element of the design appropriately within the booth even with a full house it will still be visible, inviting, and won’t look crowded and cluttered.

Traffic Flow Patterns

When you are setting up your large walk through type of trade show booth display think about how people will normally enter and move through the display. Ideally having the display set up so that people will move through in right to left or left to right fashion, or to walk around the outer aspect of the display, keeps the flow of traffic steady and moving.

If you have podiums, stands, tables or literature racks you will want to place them towards the outside of the display area. These are the locations where people are most likely to gather and stop, so if they are in the middle of the display it will look congested and crowded.

Where You Are

If you, or your staff, are going to be at the trade show booth display you want your stand or table to always be out of the directly line of your feature graphic on your pop up or background.

By placing your staff, giveaway tables, or podiums in the center you will block the information, images and infographics that you have carefully selected for your display. Placing stands on either edge of the display is a good option as this again moves people away from the center of your area and towards the edges.

Avoid Too Much Information

By choosing trade show booth display models that highlight your brand and products you can avoid the information overload that you will see on a lot of displays. A carefully selected image, infographic or a small bulleted list of highlights is all that is needed.

Too much information creates that knot of people in the front of your booth. Instead, provide the specifics in interesting, well designed brochures that attendees will take with them when the leave.

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