Nov 25, 2013

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Organizing Home Care Services in your Area

There are many types of homecare services available throughout the country for various people in need of them. Essentially, you can opt for short term care if you are recovering from an illness, accident or operation. There is also care available for people with Alzheimer’s, physical disabilities, arthritis, respite care and companionship services, among others.

Homecare isn’t restricted to seniors, either and you can receive homecare regardless of your age. Generally we think about seniors as needing homecare more often than those who are younger and seniors are in essence, more likely to need homecare. Having said that, there are thousands of families in the country who have disabled relatives or children, who are just as in need of homecare as those who are aged.

Where to Begin

Using a care giving service or agency requires that you sometimes qualify for financial assistance, depending where you intend to get your homecare services from. For example, in many cases, your local authority can help. Let’s say you want homecare services in Hertfordshire; the first thing you might need to do is have an assessment, both as to your needs and your financial situation. If you are a pensioner who has recently been deemed frail or at risk of falling, you can request that your local authority assigned you a case worker to help assess your needs. You will still have to pay something toward the services, but this service will be means tested.

If you prefer a private entity to offer your homecare services you are quite at liberty to contact an appropriate agency and pay for part-time or full-time carers to come to your home and help out with specific things. A home carer will help you with a number of things, such as vacuuming, dusting, preparing meals, changing your bed linen, general household cleaning and to escort you to a doctor’s appointment or other appointments. They may also be requested to pick up your dry cleaning, shop for groceries, take you to the airport, accompany you on a trip and help with errands. The best way to organize a home carer to come and help you is to start with your local authority and determine your eligibility as to the help you can get and the funding available.

If you are looking for a homecare services in Hertfordshire or other forms of care, visit for all your needs.


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