Apr 11, 2014

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Organize and Enhance Drink Dispensers with Accessories

When you have drink dispensers, whether you are a restaurant or a convenience store, it is necessary to keep them organized with beverage dispenser accessories. One of the most important aspects is to have enough space for the bag-in-box soda containers. If you are a high-traffic establishment, you need to make sure you have plenty of soda on hand to back up dispensers when they become empty. A bag-in-box rack is perfect for storing all the extra boxes of soda syrup that you need to keep in stock. Since soda syrup is very sticky, making sure the racks you purchase are powder coated is a great idea. This makes for an easy clean up if there should be any leakage. These racks also come in one, two and three box wide shelves that can be flat or inclined. A BIB rack makes it extremely easy to change out syrup and stores all the boxes in a neat manner for better organization that saves space.

Go from a Regular Carbonator to a Turbo Carbonator

When you are ready to increase the carbonator speed for a drink dispenser, a turbo carbonator is the perfect option. With a built in diagnostics system you will be able to diagnose problems and have them fixed. The turbo edition of a carbonator allows for a high capacity with fast flow valves. It is important that the check valve is ASSE approved, as well. You get superior quality with reliability and features that make it a wonderful addition to a drink dispensing system.

Pre-Chill Soft Drinks

Some customers do not like ice in their drinks. Instead they prefer their soda to be chilled without the option of having ice melt and dilute their beverage. The best way to offer chilled drinks is to use CED Pre-Chillers. Pre-Chillers normally come in stainless steel cabinets with tanks and product lines. The refrigerant can be CFC free too. Being able to control drinks and keep them cool for your customers is an excellent accessory for beverage dispensers.

Lancer has a variety of beverage dispenser accessories available for many different types of soda dispensers. Organize and use these accessories to improve your beverage machines for a more streamlined business.


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