Ordering a Sculpting Ice Block in Long Island NY

Ice sculptures always amaze and delight people who see them. The creativity, talent, and precision required to successfully portray the vision in the mind of the sculptor are beyond normal capabilities. This fact is what makes ice sculptures a significant draw to any event. A competition among sculptors, an ice sculpture at a wedding, or one displayed in a hotel lobby attracts immense amounts of people.

Not Regular Ice

A sculpting ice block in Long Island, NY cannot be made from regular tap water. The water must be pure to achieve the crystal-clear canvas needed to highlight the finished design. A sculpture with microscopic particles or debris included will not be as stunning or impressive as a clear one. There are few companies that have the capacity, machinery, and storage containers to produce clear blocks of ice in large sizes.

One company, Business Name, can produce more than three-hundred-thousand pounds of pure ice per day. Blocks are available in twenty-five-pound increments and can be ordered in a single block of three-hundred pounds. The blocks can be picked up at the dock or delivered for a nominal fee. Blocks of heavier proportions need to be ordered at least forty-eight hours in advance. In the event of a competition where many blocks are required a week or two of notice is wise to avoid delays.

Calculating Time

The melting rate of a sculpting ice block in Long Island, NY depends on several environmental factors. Temperature, location, humidity, and season are the major components. A block outside in the winter will last longer than one inside at a crowded wedding reception. Wind, dampness, and degree of lighting also make a substantial difference in how long the sculpture will last.

When ordering a large block of ice discuss the circumstances and conditions of the venue and ask for an estimated time the design will retain shape. A professional will be able to provide a general idea of what to expect. Schedule delivery for the last possible minute to prolong the time guests will enjoy the sculpture. If ordering for the first time, contact the company and ask some preliminary questions regarding ordering protocols and pricing.

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