Dec 11, 2018

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Options In Buying Bulk Bullet Lead For Sale

Options In Buying Bulk Bullet Lead For Sale

It is possible to purchase lead shot pre-made, and there are some top companies that offer quality shot of all types, it is also very popular with many hunters and gun-enthusiasts to make their own.

Gun clubs, gun groups, and even small ammunition companies are also typically in the market for bullet lead for sale, and it can be a difficult product to find in many areas. This can become even more difficult if larger quantities of bullet lead are required, and there is a need to ensure top quality of the lead.

There is bullet lead for sale that is not quality material. This bullet lead is often made from lead collected on shooting ranges and from wheel weight and other scrap or recovered lead. This typically means there are other metals and alloys in the lead, which results in significant dross when the lead is melted. This, in turn, creates quality and consistency issues with the lead shot produced from this inferior quality material.

Alloy Selection

When considering any bullet lead for sale, it is important to know the alloy required. Bullet lead will always include some percentage of tin, but different alloys can also contain antimony.

Buying from most online sellers with bulk lead can create a challenge in knowing the specific alloy. At best it is a rough approximation, and at the worst, it is just a guess. By choosing bullet lead from the manufacturer, the alloy is accurate and can be verified.

Options to Consider

Bullet lead can come in cast bars, which are divided into smaller sections, ideal for smaller production requirements. For larger production needs, sawn plate and brick options, which are both rolled products, offer a substantial amount of lead.

Take the time to consider options and to verify any minimum order requirements. This allows for easy order planning and to get the best possible price and shipping rates.

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