May 27, 2013

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Options for Burglar Alarms in Cedar Rapids IA

Installing an alarm system in your home can help provide peace of mind knowing that your home, belongings, and family are being protected. When choosing a security system it is important to understand what kinds of security systems are available and which Burglar Alarms in Cedar Rapids IA are right for your family. Alarm system companies are paid to monitor their installed security systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so whether you’re at home or away your home will be watched. If any of the alarms are triggered they can alert you via telephone and email. In addition to alarms on doors and windows, motion sensors can be installed, so if anyone does break into your home their motion will instantly set off a loud alarm that will hopefully scare them off.

Your security company will immediately contact you to let you know what happened and will call police dispatch to send officers to your residence. You can also install video surveillance cameras which can be useful when prosecuting those who break into your home. Also, for new parents, installing a surveillance camera in addition to or instead of using a traditional baby monitor can help you keep an eye on the baby. Many companies also offer smart phone and tablet applications to monitor and arm or disarm your security system while you’re away from. These applications also allow you to control thermostat controls and turn on or turn off designated lights in your home.

For those in need of Commercial Security Alarms having a security company come and install Burglar Alarms in Cedar Rapids IA will help protect your businesses assets. Video surveillance is especially important in a business setting, allowing you to monitor your customers and employees, and to be able to detect and prosecute shoplifters in your store. With the new smart phone applications you can also monitor your employees while you’re away to make sure they are staying on task. Also, electronic access entry points can help you to only allow certain authorized individuals to enter protected areas and keep thieves and burglars at bay. There are also fire alarm and carbon monoxide detectors to protect yourself, your employees, and your customers from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Follow us on Twitter!

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