Options And Benefits Of Long Term Care Planning

Most people never think about long-term care, but what happens if you can no longer live on your own or become so ill that you need round the clock help? Planning now for such an event may seem morbid, but could save you and your family a lot of money.

Why Pay

While it is never easy to realise that you need more help, you may think that the government will pay for any needs you have as you get older. While they do offer various options, you may not qualify for local funding, want better care options than the grants will allow or may only get part of your care needs through local authority funding.


You are entitled to some things, so before doing anything else, make sure that you’re claiming all the benefits to which you’re entitled. You should also check NHS and local authority funding options, as well.


You don’t want to think that you’ll need such help later in life, but it may happen. Instead of being caught unaware, you may choose to pre-pay for long term care. Many companies offer this type of planning service, which can help you or family members out if you need more help in your later years.

Other Options

While they may not be the best choices to consider, they are possibilities to help free up some money to pay for your needs. For example, you can sell your current home and buy a smaller one. It may make it easier to get around and can help pay for some of your needs.

You may also choose to use the equity in your home to help you pay for care. You’ll either get one large sum or a steady income of money from the money already tied up in your home while you continue living there.

Ensure Inheritance provide a truly independent funeral planning which allows you to freeze the cost of the funeral services in the plan at today’s prices.

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