Dec 19, 2017

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Only an Expert can Offer Advice about the Right Commercial Insurances in Kyle TX

Every business needs a certain amount of Commercial Insurances in Kyle TX. Some insurance will be required by law, and this will vary depending on the type of company someone is running. Other insurance is optional but may be highly recommend. Still some types of insurance will only apply to specific businesses, like a bar or a restaurant that sells alcohol will need liquor liability coverage, but a construction company will not. Knowing specifically what kind of insurance a company need requires a visit to an insurance company and a discussion with a broker or an agent.

Choosing the Right Insurance

An insurance agent will know what the legal requirements are for any business that needs insurance. In most cases, liability coverage is a requirement. This is insurance that provides financial coverage against a lawsuit or medical care should someone be injured on the property of the business.

Workers comp insurance is not required until a business has five or more employees. The only exception is the construction industry. The law requires them to have workers comp when one employee is hired. This is why many construction companies choose independent contractors, although they will then have to have their own insurance cover to be within the law. An insurance agent can help here as well.

Choosing Additional Coverage

It can be hard to know when enough insurance is enough. That is why working with an agent is so important. A company can discuss not only their needs but what kind of budget they have. The agent will let them know what the additional coverage options are, such as umbrella insurance or food spoilage coverage, and whether or not the company can go without. They can also list the coverage in order of importance so a business can add on the extras as the money comes available.

Commercial Insurances in Kyle TX is not something that a business can do without, but the options can be confusing. If you’re just starting a business, or you’re preparing to expand, then your insurance needs are changing. At Perdue Insurance Group, you can get solid advice about the type of insurance you need, as well as what you can anticipate needing in the future. This is not something to guess about, get the right coverage today.

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