Online Dating Advice for Men: 3 Profile Tips for Successful Online Dating

Online dating is a great way to meet women and there is a ton of information available regarding online dating advice for men available to help, but the best advice you will ever receive is in regards to how to create an ideal profile. Your profile is the first thing a woman will notice, so it is essential you create an honest, eye-catching profile which creates a strong first impression. It is essential you keep in mind your profile is a reflection of who you really are, so the profile must be as real as possible and encourage female members of the dating site to take an interest in you.

Detailed below you’ll find 3 tips pertaining to online dating advice for men and how to improve their dating profiles. We hope this will help you get started in creating a profile which ensures you stand out from the rest.

#1 Online Dating Profile Tips for Men: Recent Photos

When you first register for an online dating site you will be asked to submit a picture of yourself. When it comes to profiles and online dating advice for men, some may tell you the picture doesn’t really matter, but it really does. Although your profile is critical for drawing someone’s attention, your photo is the first thing they notice and it is what encourages a woman to click on, or not swipe passed, your profile. Always use a recent photo; posting a photo which is older than one or two years is somewhat deceiving. You should look the same in person as you do with your picture, so use a clear and current picture.

#2 Online Dating Profile Tips for Men: No Negatives

Online dating advice for men should always include the term “no negatives.” Women do not want to hear about how terrible your past relationships were. A woman takes this information to mean you have serious baggage and in most situations, you are not over the ex-whoever yet. Always be nice, friendly and honest, but limit your story to what you currently want in a date, not what you have gone through in the past. Let your personality shine through your profile (no one wants to read dating resumes), sound as though you are sure of yourself and offer a few of your best personality traits, such as your ambitions; always be positive.

#3 Online Dating Profile Tips for Men: Avoid the Materialistic

When it comes to online dating advice for men, one of the most important things to remember is to never include materialistic information in your profile. Women understand you may be proud of your car, motorcycle, boat and/or plane, but when you include this information in your profile, it will only draw materialistic women to your profile. In reality, most men don’t want to attract a parasitic organism who is only interested in possessions and which transforms its personality so it best fits and deceives a wealthy prospective host. Your goal is to find someone who is interested in you; not what you have. Women want to connect with you on an emotional level, so leave out the things you have and only include what you want from a relationship; for example, you want to meet someone who has the same interests as you, such as boating, sailing and fishing, but you don’t have to include you own a yacht. It is important to let your personality speak for you, let potential dates know what your taste in music is, what you like to do for fun and how you are stable. Always show a glimpse of your personality, not simply a list of superficial words. Remaining you will pay off in the end by allowing you to meet someone who is your perfect match. For more helpful tips, confer with the experts found at Time 2 Be Happy.

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