Off-Roading: The Ultimate Vehicle Test

Some people think that roads are nice, but off-road is a great thing too. Off-roading is a hobby where you take a vehicle and see where it can go. Due to environmental concerns, most off-roading is done on trails to reduce the impact to the area. It is muddy, bumpy, and going to test your vehicles capabilities. With its rough and tough nature, most off-roaders have vehicles that are specifically designed just for off-roading. A Subaru dealership in Frankfort may be able to help you find a vehicle to start with. Some of the considerations of an off-road vehicle include drive train, specialty safety features, and specialty suspension systems.

Drive Train for Off-Roading

An off-roading vehicle is going to need either 4×4 option or all-wheel drive. The condition that on a trail are going to be slippery, and having only 2×4 is not going to cut it. Most vehicles used for this are going to have a locking differential, so that you can get superior traction. You also do not need to worry about driveline windup because the lack of traction means your wheels can just spin if they need to.

Safety Features

With the nature of off-road traveling, there are a few extra features that can be installed to make sure you stay safe. Roll-bars are going to keep the roof from collapsing on to you in the event of a rollover, and they happen with enough regularity in this sport to require them. Five point harness systems are going to also help you in the event of an accident, and they can also keep you from being tossed around so much on the extremely bumpy terrain.

Suspension Systems

Off-roading is very hard on suspensions, and the ride is not mean to be smooth. Cars and trucks designed for off-roading are going to have their suspensions tuned to provide control over comfort in these conditions. They will also have to be heavy enough to survive the abuse that off-roading will put it through.

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