Obtaining Expert Antique Rug Restoration in New York City

You have inherited your Great Grandmother’s antique oriental rug. The one you played on as a child and have admired for most of your life. You are anxious to bring the rug home and place it in your living room. Unfortunately, the damage that generations of use has inflicted upon it has the carpet looking pretty shabby. The family heirloom is important enough for you to seek out antique rug restoration in New York City to see if it can be salvaged. Their expert craftsmen assure you it can be done, so you anxiously await the results of the free estimate.

Carefully restoring antique rugs is the passion held by the master craftsmen of The Golden Horn. They share the knowledge of generations of skilled master weavers and restorers. Whether your rug has minimal damage, large thread worn sections, or even enormous holes, their experts can make it like new again. They use age old techniques of weaving and use hand spun wool to perfectly match the fibers in your rug. All work is carefully and meticulously done by hand-including any cleaning that needs to be performed. They can repair damage that was caused by wear, moths, fire, water, or even your dog. They can work their magic and bring new life into your old carpet. Rest assured that your carpet will be treated as their own while being repaired.

When you are ready to have your antique rug restored, don’t leave such an important job to just anyone. Call antique rug restoration in New York City for your restoration needs. You will be impressed with their vast knowledge of restoration methods. The craft of restoring them to their former glory has been in the family for over a hundred years. Their dedication to the craft is unmatched and your satisfaction is their top priority. They know how treasured a family heirloom can be and will delight in completing the job for you. So contact them for your free estimate today. Let these masters weave new life into your family heirloom and return to you a piece of your history to be enjoyed for generations to come.

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