Dec 17, 2013

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Obtaining Certified Court Reporters from Depo International

Prior to a trial, a lawyer builds a case. Part of this case development may include deposing many witnesses and gaining expert testimony. Because witnesses can be hesitant to participate, lawyers need to be ready if and when a witness is ready to speak. Oftentimes, witnesses prefer to participate in depositions outside of normal court hours. In this case, the lawyer cannot pass up the opportunity to depose the witness for fear of missing out on important information from the witness. Rather than force a witness to participate in a deposition during normal courtroom hours, the lawyer can hire one of the Certified Court Reporters. These certified court reporters and real time reporters are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Certified Court Reporters from Depo International are ready to take depositions at a moment’s notice, even if the deposition occurs on a weekend or holiday. Once Depo International’s certified court reporters are notified that their assistance is needed for a legal deposition, they can be ready to meet the lawyer and witness at the designated location at a moment’s notice. These court reporters uphold the moral and ethical conduct which is required by the NCRA.

In addition to reporting during depositions, these reporters are able to transcribe video or recorded testimony for lawyers. Even if the needed testimony is given to them during a holiday break or on the weekend, the reporters will have the transcription ready when the court reconvenes. Depo International’s certified court reporters make themselves available when other courtroom reporters are on break or unavailable because of a court recess.

Depo International’s certified court reporters and legal videographers are available locally, nationally and internationally. If a lawyer is working on a case which involves deposing witnesses internationally, the reporters at Depo International are available to transcribe testimony, report at depositions and otherwise be available for deposition service needs. These reporters have more flexibility to report on international cases than some domestic courtroom reporters.


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