Jul 8, 2013

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Obtaining a Criminal DUI Lawyer in Tucson

Getting arrested for a DUI is a terrifying experience. You have to go through the shame of arrest and then have to worry about court, fines, possible jail time and loss of driving privileges. When charged with this crime it is vital that you find an attorney immediately that has experience and knowledge in this area of the law.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a Criminal DUI Lawyer in Tucson. The attorney you choose should have a proven track record with this type of case. The DUI is a special criminal charge that affects your driving record, and it carries special considerations that the attorney will have to deal with.

In some states there are alternatives to prison time such as in-home detention. This allows the person to remain outside of the jail and in their home while wearing a monitoring device. The Law Office of Thomas Wilson has knowledge of this type of intermediate punishment and may be able to negotiate it in the plea agreement.

There are many fines associated with a DUI. There are the typical traffic citations to worry about, as well as court costs. When all the costs of a DUI considered it can total around $10,000. This would also include legal fees and home monitoring costs if available. Many states also require an Intoxalock device to be installed in the offender’s vehicle when they get their license back. This is typically required for a year and is costly. The company usually requires security deposit, an installation fee and a monthly lease fee.

It should be clear at this point that DUI should be avoided at all costs! However, we all make mistakes sometimes. Your closest ally in this will be your attorney. Ask around to friends and family who may have had some legal issues and see if they recommend anyone. Check references of any attorney you are considering. Ask how many of these cases he or she has defended and the outcomes of those cases. You want a knowledgeable attorney in your corner when it comes to this criminal offense. Your choice of attorney could mean the difference of going to jail or not, so choose carefully.


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