Apr 10, 2013

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Obtain the Best Animal Care Cedar Rapids IA Has to Offer

A pet isn’t just an animal — it’s a cherished family member. When it comes to pet health care, pets deserve kind, caring and respectful treatment delivered by an experienced veterinary hospital professional. A veterinary visit that could be a stressful and worrisome experience for owners and their pets becomes less of a burden and more of a comfort at Abbie’s Animal Clinic. When pet owners contact Dr. Abbie Clark, they can feel secure that they’re obtaining the best animal care Cedar Rapids IA has to offer.

With over two decades of valuable experience in the veterinary service provider field, not only does Dr. Clark practice traditional medicine, she also keeps herself up-to-date on the latest in veterinary medicine. In addition, she specializes in holistic care for pets with illnesses, conditions and diseases such as cancer. Whether it’s a food consultation. emergency surgery, or anything in between, Dr. Clark’s wide range of knowledge can help her make the best and most practical treatment decision for each person’s pet. All of these reasons make Dr. Clark’s practice one of the best facilities for animal care Cedar Rapids IA has to offer pet owners.

Additionally, the diverse special needs of small animals are not a problem for Dr. Clark. Whether the need is allergy testing for a designer breed puppy, geriatric medicine for an aged mixed-breed cat, dental deep cleaning procedures or exploratory surgery, pet owners can expect the best quality of animal care Cedar Rapids IA offers — care that results in gentle, caring and specialized treatment for every pet.

Dr. Clark’s clinic also offers a full range of veterinary services that go beyond treatment. For example, she has an on-site pharmacy that makes getting a prescription filled convenient. In addition, Abbie’s Animal Clinic provides X-ray services and trusted name brand products to meet the specific and personalized needs of pets. With all of these valuable services, looking for the best or better professional animal care Cedar Rapids IA provides is no longer a complicated issue.

The bottom line is that Abbie’s Animal Clinic provides a level of care for pets that allows owners to take comfort in knowing that their family members will be treated as well as possible. With a veterinarian who is experienced and knowledgeable and a facility that offers a “one-stop-shopping” experience — information, care, medical services and products — pet owners can’t go wrong.

Abbie’s Animal Clinic is a full-service animal hospital as well as a veterinary clinic. The clinic for animal care in Cedar Rapids, IA is run by Dr. Clark who has more than 20 years of experience in veterinary medicine. One of the specialties offered by the clinic is pain management and health treatments for small pets.

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