Aug 16, 2018

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Oak Wilt: One Potential Reason for Tree Removal in Arlington

Oak Wilt: One Potential Reason for Tree Removal in Arlington

The aggressive oak wilt disease kills these trees within just a few years after infection. After the disease has been diagnosed, tree removal in Arlington typically is advisable to prevent the infection from spreading to other trees on the property. Scientists fear that this problem will have a similar negative effect on oak populations as Dutch elm disease has had on those majestic structures.


Symptoms of oak wilt include wilting leaves, as the name of the disease suggests. The leaves turn partially or fully brown, tan and yellow. The bark on the trunk starts to develop long splits. Examining the inside of branches shows dark streaks in the areas where trees move nutrients and moisture from one place to another.

Affected Species

All species of oak can be attacked by this fungus. Red oaks are more vulnerable than white oaks. The fungus also attacks chestnut trees and certain types of apple trees. The fungus was first found in the United States in 1944, when it occurred in Wisconsin. Since then, it has spread mainly through the Midwest and east, also moving as far south as Texas.

How It Spreads

Beetles spread this disease from one tree to another. One bright point is that they need a tree to be damaged somewhere for the fungus to enter because these particular beetles can’t chew wood. That’s different from beetles that spread Dutch elm disease, and it makes oak wilt easier to prevent. Nevertheless, prompt, effective strategies like tree removal in Arlington are required.

Another way the fungus travels is through root systems. It can attack a tree if an infected root grafts onto another one. Property owners must monitor the situation closely to determine whether a second oak tree may need to be felled by a company such as Cambridge Landscape. Get more information at the website.

Getting an Expert Opinion

In most instances, symptoms of declining oak trees are not connected with this particular fungus. The disease has not become widespread in Maryland so far. An experienced landscape contractor can rule out oak wilt as the problem. This may give the customer options about trying to save the tree or having it brought down.


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