Feb 3, 2014

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Not Sure if You Need to See a Bellevue Family Dentist? Having These Conditions Make the Decision Easier

You can sit for days and count the many reasons to see a Bellevue Family Dentist. In fact, many people can pull a dozen off the top of their head in a matter of seconds. However, that doesn’t stop issues from arising and causing you discomfort. That is why you should practice good oral hygiene techniques daily, along with visiting your Family Dentist at Meadow Creek Family Dental of Bellevue bi-annually for routine cleanings.

Still not convinced that going to the dentist is a good idea? Here are some reasons to visit your dentist:

  • Improve chewing function. Mastication (the act of chewing) uses all elements of the mouth, and the process begins with the incisors, reducing food to pieces suitable for the digestion. Continuing with the premolars, and with the mouth closed, the shredding process begins. The next stage is for the molars, which produce the most intense and final stage of food grinding. However, throughout every stage, a significant share of the tongue and cheeks are working to keep the food in the proper position.

  • Allow dentists to make a proper pathological diagnosis. Dentists use pathology to identify certain anomalies, problems, illnesses, and/or injuries concerning the oral cavity. It is an ideal starting point for any treatment. It can be done directly in the office, by looking at the evidence and symptoms present, which include differential diagnoses. Dental professionals compare the symptoms of various conditions to various pathological records of previous cases in order to make a correct diagnosis.

  • To treat stomatitis Meadow Creek Family Dental dentists treat conditions that may invade the gum tissue from the buccal mucosa. The most common are: erythematous (matches the eruption of a tooth), gangrenous (result of a general physical weakening), drug (systemic administration of drugs), nicotine (occurs on the palate, caused by tobacco use), and syphilitic (manifestation of syphilis, and is transmitted by contact). The treatments are varied, and usually depend on the origin of the disease.

If you are interested in learning a little more about the conditions above, or if you have questions about other issues, contact your local Bellevue Family Dentist today.

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