Newest Trends In Granite Countertops For Apple Valley Home Renovations

Completing a kitchen renovation is a great time to take a closer look at the current trends in home designs and decorating options. While it is not essential to choose a style that is hot at the moment, if you are planning a home resale in the next few years, incorporating new design elements that have been popular and will continue to be popular can add value to your Apple Valley home.

Some of the latest styles and options that are seen across the country in show homes over the last few years are not all that different from classic designs. When paired with quality, custom made granite countertops; the new designs can make a dramatic change to the kitchen area of an older home.

Black Countertops

With marble countertops in the kitchen, Cararra White is considered the classic color option. Granite, due to the difference in how it is formed compared to marble, offers many different color options.

In the past, the lighter colors of granite were also seen more commonly in new home construction and home renovations. Today and over the last few years, the more dramatic look of black and dark colors in granite countertops have taken center stage. The black granite can have white flecks, patterns or veins, or it can also contain grays or combinations of colors.

Pronounced Patterns

Rather than having the Apple Valley home’s countertops blend into the kitchen décor and design, a new trend is to allow them to take center stage. A more pronounced pattern in any color of granite makes a statement without being overwhelming.

Patterns in granite can be random and irregular, or they can be more layered in design. Choosing the pattern to suit the size and the cut of the granite countertops can enhance the pattern and the overall style.

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