Newark NJ Alcohol Rehab: Because Addiction is a Symptom, Not the Cause

When addicts reach rock bottom, seek help, and discover that being free of their addiction just seems to create more problems can be a disconcerting time. For a significant proportion of addicts, using drugs or alcohol unwisely is a way of self-medicating a wide range of mental health issues, or even a method of dulling chronic pain or disability caused by a physical injury. Tackling addiction as a symptom at the same time as treating the underlying cause (co-occurring disorders) is a specialty of drug and alcohol rehab in Newark NJ.

Psychiatric or Psychological Conditions

Bipolar disorder, PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder), depression, anxiety, or personality issues can all be difficult to diagnose and for many sufferers, haven’t been considered a reason to get medical treatment. If you’ve always felt anxious, it becomes unpleasant but normal, rather than a psychological state which needs treatment. At drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, specialist clinicians and therapists undertake a detailed assessment of addicts during their recovery treatment to ensure any underlying conditions are swiftly identified and an appropriate treatment regimen commenced.

Separate Yet Inter-related Therapy

Treating addicts with an underlying disorder requires a customized, tailored approach that includes a range of appropriate therapies suited to an individual’s particular needs. The addiction requires specialist intervention and support, which simultaneously other disorders also need to receive appropriate attention. This is why at a reputable center of drug and alcohol rehab in Newark NJ you won’t just learn to stay sober, you’ll also learn more about yourself and what underlying pathologies led you towards addiction. Increased self-awareness coupled with effective therapy and aftercare programs for when the battle is over but the war hasn’t been won, significantly decreases the possibility of a relapse.

On-going Treatment

Rehabilitation after addiction is doubly difficult if the management of a co-occurring disorder is also required. At successful centers of drug and alcohol rehab based in Newark NJ, they give everyone the time they need to become fully stabilized and comfortable before progressing treatment further. Regular reviews and a personalized approach ensure interventions and reintegration are paced to suit individual needs, maximizing the chances of success and continuing to challenge the individual without setting them up to fail. After an initial intensive period of intervention, people in recovery can progress at their rate, with many continuing to access therapy and support for many years after their initial admission.

For many people suffering from addiction as well as a co-occurring disorder, finding a treatment facility that is equipped to provide competent, specialist care for both issues can be a challenge. The Greater Essex Counseling Services in Newark NJ facility offers world-class addiction treatment, enabling every addict to have a good chance of a sustained recovery. Through ongoing therapy and appropriate medication, many people go on to lead successful lives without relapsing into addictive behavior once more.

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