Feb 18, 2014

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New York Solar Installation – Getting It Right

The sun generates a lot of light. It is possible to transfer this light into solar energy. This is becoming a common trend in society, particularly for those who want to decrease dependency on foreign fuel. It also appeals to those who wish to increase options for sustainable or green energy. In New York, solar installation companies have sprung up. Their intent is to provide a renewable option that is fiscally responsible and cost-effective.

The Power of the Sun
Solar installation companies are responsible for installing solar panels. These panels maximize the presence of the sun. The usual process involves locating several companies – frequently through the internet, then narrowing down the list to one or two. Each company can then come over to your home or place of business. You will request a consultation to see how they plan to make the most of the sun to produce energy.
The estimate should not cost you anything. The company should also provide you with sufficient information on their product and process for you, after further research, to make a decision. It will also be beneficial if you understand what the company should do to maximize the power of the sun.

The Basics of Solar Installation
In order to use the solar panel to its optimum, you should know the following about solar installation:

  • Southwards: If your home or business is in the north, the panels must be installed to the south to provide optimal sunlight opportunities all year round
  • Angle Degree: The ideal for the solar panel should match the latitude of the house/business plus 15 degrees
  • Placement: Makes sure the solar panel is as close to the batteries as possible. This will decrease the amount of power lost to the cables
  • Size: Make sure the company installs the appropriate size of solar panel for the residence/business. If the wrong size panel is in place, it may not optimize your solar opportunities
  • Legal Requirements: Make sure the panels, and all the equipment and specifications it entails,  are at code for both electrical and fire
  • Active or Passive: Understand the two types and make sure the New York solar installation company puts in the right kind – one that meets your needs

It will also work in your financial favor if you talk to the solar installation company about potential rebates. Check out state and federal sites about this.
When it comes to obtaining solar energy in New York solar installation companies will gladly meet with you to discuss your request. Before you do so, make sure you understand what you want, what is available and how it will work. Do not be shy to ask questions. It will benefit you, your family and your heating bill if you open an informed dialogue with solar energy companies on this topic. If you are looking for a New York Solar Installation company look no further. At Roof Diagnostics Solar, we are there to help you with everything you need to know about solar systems.

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