Jan 30, 2017

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New Uses of Aluminum for Industrial Purposes

New Uses of Aluminum for Industrial Purposes

As aluminum continues to be produced with stronger alloys, allowing for a greater range of use as well as historically being a good balance of weight and stability, more industries are coming to rely on aluminum, whether for precision plate in fine detail work or something as large as the hull of a ship.

Construction and Tools

While aluminum is commonly used in windows, fittings, sockets, doorways and other smaller areas, it can be used for larger scale purposes as well due to its high degree of customizability. With colors and tinted added with ease during the anodization process, and the use of laser to more precisely cut aluminum plate, its applications in small and large scale assembly and construction continue to increase.


While other materials such as copper wire may come more immediately to mind, aluminum alloys has slowly started to become popular for electrical uses due to their less expensive nature and their lighter weights. Per pound, aluminum can be considerably more conductive than copper, but copper will generally last much longer and withstand higher voltages. Much of the choice between aluminum busbars and wires comes down to the electrician’s preference and the exact needs of the job.

Hulls and Exteriors

Last but not least, aluminum alloys are very commonly used in automotive, aerospace and even the marine industry. Here aluminum is a common choice due to the careful balance between durability and weight, being able to securely cover and protect a large, moving object without making it too heavy to move. But for more casual usage, such as in consumer cars or pleasure boats, a common competitor is fiberglass reinforced plastic, or FRP. FRP won’t corrode like aluminum might and can be much less expensive and even lighter, but due it its brittle nature it will crack rather than merely dent when damaged.

With a high degree of recyclability, and a wide range of uses, consider using aluminum for your next professional or personal project.

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