May 21, 2013

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New Home Builders in Austin Boost Green Home Building

The popularity and benefits of environmentally-friendly architecture and home building has led new home builders in Austin, Texas to begin specializing in the variety of techniques, practices and products that create greener homes. Working with experienced green building contractors not only promotes positive environmental effects, but also substantial economic benefits for homeowners.

Smarter Structures
The foundations of effective green building start at the earliest concept stages of the planning process. The best new homes builders in Austin have gained considerable experience at incorporating energy-saving and emission-reducing features into the foundations of their home structures. This process includes using building materials that naturally insulate better, positioning rooms and windows for optimum energy absorption and conservation and additional features such as skylights and solar panels to take advantage of natural energy from the home’s environment.

Reducing Water Usage
Water is necessary for the daily comfort, cleanliness and safety of a home’s resident. Green builders use a number of techniques to reduce the amount of water needed to keep a home functioning properly. New home builders in Austin install ultra-low flush toilets, low-flow shower heads and rainwater harvesting apparatuses to create a completely efficient water flow system throughout the house. Water flow systems that are designed to utilize solar heating are also becoming more popular and have the ability to greatly reduce water heating expenses.

Reducing Electricity Usage
New home builders in Austin have also begun to specialize in the reduction of electricity energy usage to create more efficient homes. Designing exteriors of homes to passively absorb solar heat is a cost effective alternative to costly solar panels that you might first consider for electric energy reduction. Installing motion sensors on all lights throughout the home is a simple and effective way for builders to cut down unnecessary energy usage when no one is in the room.

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