May 7, 2013

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Need Secure Document Shredding Services? Check Out Paper Irvine Shredding Companies

Whether you’re in charge of a large business or a small home office, chances are, you have sensitive materials that must be destroyed through paper shredding. Shredding is beneficial, and often required by law, to protect employees, clients, customers, and vendors, as well as your business itself. While you could go out and purchase your own personal shredder and destroy your documents on your own, that takes quite a bit of time. Sometimes, even with the best intentions, you set your documents aside to be shredded, only to allow them to pile up and become even more overwhelming.

So, what can do you to make life easier? Consider getting in contact with companies that offers Paper Shredding Irvine, if you’re in the area. Before selecting one company to do the dirty work, however, be sure that they are compliant with all laws regarding document destruction, including FACTA, HIPAA, and California State Law AB 939. This is very important to avoid any legal issues from misplaced documents that weren’t destroyed.

You should choose a company that offers secure Paper Shredding Irvine. In order to determine whether or not the company is legitimate, check out testimonials and make sure that there are previous satisfied customers. Also, get familiar with the kinds of jobs available. Do they include media destruction, such as computer hard drives? Do they have a mobile shredding service or will you need to visit the facility? What types of jobs are they able to handle—large, small, or both? The company should also offer an official certificate of destruction once all documents have been shredded.

If you’re big on going green, you may also want to determine what the company does with the paper once it’s been shredded. It’s wise to choose a facility that recycles 100% of the paper products they receive.

Finally, price should be considered. Many paper shredding services base the price on the weight of your papers, how many boxes you have, or even by using a visual estimate. If you have a large amount of papers to be shredded, it’s best to be priced by the box. If it’s a small amount, a weight based price would be ideal.

When choosing a paper shredding company, be sure that you’re choosing a company that you trust.

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