Jul 17, 2018

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Need Cold Storage Equipment, Find It in California

Need Cold Storage Equipment, Find It in California

A cold storage building, from the outside, looks very much like any other industrial or commercial building. The exterior appearance is where it ends. A building designed and constructed for cold storage is anything but typical. These buildings are extremely sophisticated. They are designed and built using innovative technology to ensure that the complete system functions as designed, and at the lowest possible cost of operation.

There are some features of all cold storage facilities that are the same. However, the design of each facility is based on variables that include such things as what will be stored and how long it will be stored. The design of the facilities is based on:

Energy Efficiency

The cost of energy is going up, and there is no reason to believe this trend will reverse. Minimizing the cost to operate these units in California are extremely important. During design, factors such as the temperature of adjoining spaces, the type of lights and their number as well as the orientation of the building are all considered.


The building design is one thing of importance; the refrigeration system is another. During design, engineers must choose the most efficient compressor, condenser, motor, and controls. Only through the balancing and optimizing of these and other components, will the most efficient operation be realized.


Equipment automation has taken great strides over the years. Today, automation is an important part of overall system efficiency. Operational data collection, tied closely to efficient equipment, ensures that the system, in total, operates at peak performance regardless of the current conditions.

The amount of energy that is required to run a cold storage facility is staggering. The building housing the equipment; the roof, walls, and floor must be insulated using the best materials available. All doors used for the transfer of contents and personnel must be of the highest quality.

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