Jun 20, 2017

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Neck Pain In St Louis Can Dramatically Affect Your Life

Neck Pain In St Louis Can Dramatically Affect Your Life

When the neck is out of alignment, it can cause severe headaches, chest pain, numbness and tingling in the arms and so many other debilitating symptoms. These symptoms can cause an individual to take a variety of pain relievers to reduce the problems they’re having. Neck Pain in St Louis is often caused by car accidents, sports injuries or the irritation of a nerve from a former injury. A chiropractor can perform a thorough examination from the top of the head to the tips of someone’s toes to determine the exact area of the injury. Once this is determined, they will work closely with a patient and develop a personalized plan to provide the individual with the relief they need.

A chiropractor can determine the location of an injury through the use of strength, pain and mobility testing. Certain movements in the neck can cause increased pain that can leave an individual unable to function on a daily level. It can make them irritable and unable to properly rest to help heal their body. A chiropractor can eliminate the tense muscles and reduce the spasms and trigger point areas in the neck and improve an individual’s neck mobility. Once the neck is back in alignment, they will continue to work with a patient to reduce any lingering pain and strengthen the area.

In addition to Neck Pain in St Louis, a chiropractor can also diagnose and eliminate middle and lower back pain. Many of the same techniques used on the neck such as manual manipulation, electronic stimulation, massage, and heat can improve a patient’s mobility and relieve the pain associated with the alignment problems. Medications only hide the pain that’s associated with an alignment problem of the neck or spine and doesn’t correct the problem. A chiropractor is always concerned about alleviating the pain an individual suffers from and the overall health of a patient.

If you’re suffering from neck or back pain, tingling, numbness or spasms of the neck or back muscles, a chiropractor can help. Their only concern is making sure a patient feels better and can function on a daily basis without pain. Please Visit Website for more information.

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