Mar 15, 2019

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Neat Facts About Rigging in Austin

Neat Facts About Rigging in Austin

Not many people think about the subject of rigging on a daily basis but, if they are involved with heavy industrial jobs, they should be. Rigging in Austin is very crucial to that line of work, and a qualified rigger is a very important member of the team. Here are some interesting facts about rigging many people may not know about.

Essential Members

Riggers are actually required to be a member of the team when it comes to moving heavy machinery and equipment. Without a rigger, no moving can be done at all. It should also be noted not every rigger will be qualified to do every rigging job. A typical rigger will have experience or skills related to certain types of rigging and hold certain certifications related to those tasks. However, they need to be able to demonstrate skills in the appropriate area before a rigging job can begin.

Employer Responsibility

The responsibility of ensuring all riggers are qualified for the task they are assigned is the responsibility of the employer. The proper equipment for the rigger to use also needs to be available at the work site. While it is not the law a rigger needs to be certified, the employer needs to verify the load and the nature of how it is to be moved before assigning a rigger to the task of moving it.

Certifications Are Still Important

While certifications are not legally required, they are still very important to have. When a rigger has many certifications, it shows they are serious about their job and have put the time and effort into developing their skills. There is also the fact that there are many insurance companies that will simply not cover a work site where non-certified personnel for Rigging in Austin are being used.

For more information about having qualified riggers on the job site, why not contact an experienced company such as DFW Movers and Erectors Inc? They have the skilled workers who can rig virtually any piece of machinery in existence. They will make sure the heavy machinery and equipment are moved efficiently but also with great care.

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