Narrow Down the Best Gyms In NYC for You

New York has a plethora of gyms you can choose from for your workouts. In fact, there are so many; you may have difficulty determining which are the best gyms for you. Here are some tips for narrowing down that long list of gyms, so you can find one that will motivate you to get in shape.
1. Location -Choose a gym near your home, with an easy commute. Otherwise, you’ll spend so much time getting there that you’ll lose motivation. If the gym can’t be near your home, then choose one near work, and plan your workouts around your work schedule. The downside to this is that unless you work near your home, working out will be more difficult on the weekends.

2. Atmosphere – Visit several gyms before choosing one. It’s imperative you feel comfortable, or you won’t enjoy the visit, and you’ll soon lose motivation. Every gym has its own personality. If the gym’s personality doesn’t suit your own, you’ll hate it.

3. Friends – If you can work out where your friends work out, you’ll be more motivated to work out frequently, because it becomes a social activity as well as a workout.

4. Price – Have a budget in mind before you start choosing a gym. Don’t even visit ones you can’t afford. If the gym membership is too expensive, you’ll likely quit eventually. You will enjoy your membership so much more if it doesn’t strain your budget.

5. Programs – If you’re interested in pursuing a particular fitness program, like Pilates, yoga or CrossFit, be sure any gym you consider offers these.

Once you narrow your list based on these five items, you should have a more manageable list of the best gyms in NYC for you. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to the perfect workout.

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