May 26, 2015

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Myths About Los Angeles Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Myths About Los Angeles Alcohol Addiction Treatment

As if it wasn’t difficult enough to have to admit addiction is a problem in life, many people with alcohol addiction are constantly bombarded with myths about Los Angeles alcohol addiction treatment.

These myths not only untrue, but they may be repeated over and over until the alcoholic sees treatment as a futile activity and a waste of their time and money. Unfortunately, often the information is provided by people with motives of their own and not those truly interested in the addicted individuals recovery.

Alcohol Detox isn’t Dangerous

The idea that detox from alcohol isn’t dangerous is a false statement. Alcohol detox, especially for those with a long history of significant alcoholism, can be very dangerous because of the physiological changes it causes in the body.

A Los Angeles alcohol addiction treatment program will offer a medically supervised detox program. Medications can be used to prevent the physical symptoms as well as the mental issues that occur when the body is releasing the toxins through the withdrawal process.

With medications the withdrawals, often known as the DTs or delirium tremens, can be effectively managed. This can include the use of carefully selected and prescribed medications as well as a carefully controlled environment to avoid stress and anxiety.

Alcoholism is an Outpatient Treatment

The reality is many patients can be treated through an outpatient process in Los Angeles alcohol addiction treatment programs, but other patients are better served in an inpatient facility. Often the choice is based on the home environment, the family or support network, and the risk of relapse when not in a controlled setting.

Treatment Programs Cure Alcoholism

The first thing any person with an alcoholism problem will learn is that treatment programs do not cure the addiction, nor do drug rehabs cure drug addiction. An addiction is a disease that is with an individual for life, but as with other chronic conditions it can be managed and controlled.

The goal of any Los Angeles alcohol addiction treatment is to help patients learn more effective coping mechanisms and more positive ways to deal with challenges in life without using alcohol.

All Alcoholics will Relapse

Many alcoholics go through Los Angeles alcohol addiction treatment and never have a relapse. Others may have a relapse but immediately seek help and get back on track and following their recovery plan.

Relapses are not a sign that a Los Angeles alcohol addiction treatment failed. Instead, they are a lesson that the individual can utilize to learn more about their triggers and to seek addiction support at key times in their life.

Our Los Angeles alcohol addiction treatment works with alcoholics through a continuum of support from inpatient to outpatient options. To learn more about Pax House treatment options see us at

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