Myths About Hardwood Flooring for LaGrange, GA, Homes

Choosing the right material for a floor in any home is always a major consideration. In both new home construction as well as for flooring replacement and home renovations, hardwood flooring is both a classic and popular option. 

For anyone in LaGrange, GA, considering this flooring type, it is essential to cut through a lot of myths about wood floors and learn the facts. There have been changes in the production technology of wood floors that have made them practical, cost-effective, and designed to last for decades with very minimal upkeep requirements. 

Myth: Hardwood is expensive.

There are different options in hardwood for floors that provide a range of pricing options per square foot. There are even some engineered products that mimic the look of hardwood and can provide a very cost-effective floor. 

When comparing the price of hardwood, consider the lifespan of the floor. A quality hardwood floor will never need to be replaced for the life of the house. Other types of flooring, including vinyl, laminate, carpet, and even tile, typically need to be replaced every 10 to 20 years, depending on quality. 

Myth: Hardwood is not practical for the kitchen or bathroom.

Thanks to new sealants used on hardwood, as well as the pre-treatment of the boards, hardwood can be used in kitchens and bathrooms without any concern. Additionally, Hardwood floors can stand up to a lot of traffic now. They can be easily cleaned with just a wipe with a wet cloth or mop. 

To keep hardwood looking shiny and bright, avoid over mopping the area and use a dry mop or a broom to remove dirt or debris on the floor. 

Myth: You cannot have hardwood flooring with a pet.

Choosing a more durable species of hardwood and stronger finish makes this an ideal flooring choice for houses with dogs, cats, or kids. Slight surface scratches can be corrected by a light sanding and application of the finishing coat, and even deeper scratches can be buffed out and eliminated. 

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