Myths About Bail Bondsman in Huntsville AL

The public perception of the bail bond business is that of a rough and tumble landscape, but nothing could be further from the truth. This is misconception is not helped by reality shows about bail bondsman that portray them in an unrealistic light. Here are some other untruths concerning a bail bondsman in Huntsville AL.

*   Some people are under the belief the bail amount is negotiable. This is certainly not the case. The bail is set by the presiding judge and is not negotiable in any way. If a bail bondsman says they can broker a deal, turn around and leave their establishment quickly. The bail is set by the judge and the full amount of is paid by the bondsman after the fee is paid. The fee is mandated by the individual states but is almost always at a rate of ten percent. In some instances, it may be eight percent of the total bail amount.

*   Bail bondsmen are also not permitted to charge interest. Once the payment plan is agreed upon and signed, the only way any other fees can be added is if the surety bond needs to be renewed after one year. These instances are quite rare, however, and are only necessary when the case is one that is dragging out in court.

*   The process of bail is complete after the bond is paid is also another myth. The defendant still needs to show up to all court hearings and appointments and follow all rules that were set forth to garner the original bail. If the defendant does not do this, the bail is forfeited and any bond paid or any collateral put up will not be refunded or returned by a Bail Bondsman in Huntsville AL.

*   Only men are bail bondsman. This is not even close to the truth. In fact, industry statistics show that nearly half of all bail bondsman are women.

If you or someone you know is in need of an honest and trustworthy bail bondsman, contact a company such as A Discount Bonding Co. Inc.. When trouble arises, a company that years of experience and is always open is what is needed.

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