Must-Have Camping Tent Features

If you are in the market for a camping tent, this article is your one-stop shop to the best tents for camping. Whether a newbie or seasoned camper, there are do’s and don’ts that every camper should know when it comes to your tent. The list below describes the features that you should seek in purchasing your new tent.

Mesh screen.

This is one of the most important features. A mesh screen will keep the bugs out. If you have ever been camping and have had to deal with bug bites, you know that they can ruin your trip. Make sure to buy a tent designed to keep bugs out!

Heavy-duty zippers.

You and your family and friends will frequently move in and out of the tent, so you’ll need zippers designed for constant tugging.

Large stake loops.

Nothing is more frustrating than a stake loop too small to accommodate the stake. Furthermore, plastic stake loops may break as you are hammering in the stake, so non-plastic is the way to go.

Aluminum poles.

Poles will be frequently bent and twisted as you’re setting up the tent. Fiberglass ones are much more likely to break, but aluminum ones are more durable and more easily repaired.

Roof vent.

One might think that tents are relatively breathable, but as they are designed to be water resistant, this is not the case. It may get hot in the tent at night, or condensation may build, so a roof vent is a must-have.

Guy lines.

Can’t sleep with the tent flapping in the wind? Guy lines are used to pull out the tent walls so that they are taught. Make sure your tent has small loops sown in the middle of the tent walls to attach the guy lines.

No seams in floor.

A tent with seams in the floor will enable water to seep in. Make sure your tent has a one-piece tub floor that is sown to the tent walls several inches above the ground.

You should also consider size and weight when in the market for a tent. If you will be going on a backpacking trip, you’ll want as lightweight of a tent as possible (yet one with the features described above!). For a family trip, a roomier tent might be best. Camping provides a wonderful opportunity to bond with family or friends, explore nature, and relax in a quiet environment. Make sure that your tent doesn’t ruin the fun by using this list to find the best tents for camping!

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