Jun 27, 2017

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Must Check Issues With Any Precision Machining Company

In most cases, OEMs are very good at checking on the basics for any type of outside service they are using. When it comes to finding a precision machining company, there are more than the basics that need to be considered.

When most OEMs start looking for a precision machining company, what they are really focusing on is the capacity and capabilities to complete the order on a given timeline as well as the bottom line price for the service. These are important factors, but there are at least three other factors that are equally relevant and need to be investigated before making a choice.

Years in the Business

When it comes to years in the business, be very specific about discussing precision machining services. It is not the same as general machining and requires an additional understanding of working to tight tolerances and specifications.

With years of experience, these companies can produce parts that are as order without deviations between parts or even between production runs.

Past Projects

Every precision machining company will provide information on past projects completed. They will not provide specifics on pricing and other issues, but they will talk about the processes used to create the part from design through to production or just for the prototype manufacturing.

It should also be possible to get a reference or two from the company you are considering. This will allow you to talk to the past or current customer to get a feel for their experience with the service.

Engineering Support and Design Services

While you may currently have a completed design for your project, having the precision machining company review the diagram or computer model and make suggestions before starting the machining can also be essential.

Often small changes to the design can provide a lower cost of production, faster production or even a more durable component with a longer lifecycle.

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