Multiple Powder Coating

Powder coating is a popular way to provide both protection and aesthetic qualities to the surface of a metal or other material. In Michigan, finishers continue to work with their customers to provide them with the surface finish they require. They utilize diverse coating techniques to ensure the component or other product meets the desired specifications. However, in many instances, one coat is simply not sufficient. The material may require multiple powder coatings to achieve its specific goals.

When Are Multiple Powder Coatings Necessary?

Multiple coatings may prove to be basic under certain circumstances. They may also be essential to meet certain specifications. Finishers will often apply more than a single coating to meet the following demands:

* The material requires an extra – and usually clear, coating for appearance

* Chrome powders must have more than a single layer of coating to reduce or prevent the instance of oxidation

* The addition of a second coat to a chrome base are requisite if the resultant look is that much desired the candy color

* The customer wants the component or item to have a two-tone look

To achieve any of these specific goals, Michigan finishing companies will apply a powder coating on top of a powder primer or a powder primer to an e-coat primer. The finisher may also have a powder primer as the base with a liquid topcoat or reverse this to have a powder topcoat over a liquid primer. This latter method is more common when the powders involved are thermoplastic and not thermoset.

Powder Coating

In Michigan, finishers recognize the need to apply more than a single coating in specific situations. Some applications do necessitate a second or more coating for protective and/or aesthetic purposes. A multi-layer powder coating can provide an attractive appearance while ensuring further protection of the coated base substrate surface.

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